Common traffic violations and their crucial implications

Rules and regulations for the road are there for a very important reason – to keep motorists safe. Here are a few violations that motorists should be careful not to commit, for the safety of all concerned.

This is a very dangerous violation in the sense that a lot of people who commit it are not aware they’re speeding. Studies show that speeding increases three-fold the chances of getting into an accident.
Beating the red light
Car crashes from beating the red light are often major. Serious injuries, and even worse, arise from these crashes. And beating the red light not just endangers motorists, but pedestrians as well. Almost all intersections now have cameras to catch offenders.
Drunk driving, or Driving While Impaired

This violation can lead to a whole set of other violations, and again, can lead to catastrophic results. Alcohol and drugs can impair a person’s driving ability. People who are drunk should always have someone driving for them.
Following too closely

This is another violation that can suddenly end up in an accident. If the car in front suddenly stops for whatever reason, the rear vehicle (the one that’s following too closely) can end up kissing the back bumper of the car ahead. The recommended space between cars varies from the length of one to two vehicles, depending on the speed at which the road requires.