Alleviating divorce stress with a prenuptial agreement

Divorce is expensive, as everyone already knows. And in most cases, the spouses undergoing the process can be uncooperative and emotional, which at times hinders reasonable discourse. To minimize confusion and to take negative emotions such as retaliation and resentment out of the equation, a prenuptial agreement can be solution.

A prenuptial agreement is supposed to yield reasonable terms for division of property. Asset distribution is one of the messiest parts of divorce proceedings. With a premarital agreement as guide, arguing about who receives properties and family heirlooms and other potential conflicts is minimized.

An agreement also serves as a protection. It preserves the financial future and inheritance of the children from the current marriage, or even from previous or future ones. It also protects the spouses from any underlying motives the other party might have for acquiescing to the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement also encourages financial unity in the marriage. It provides an avenue for the couple to discuss financial issues, decision-making, and responsibilities before and during the marriage.

By teaching its clients to expect the unexpected, premarital or prenuptial agreements are drafted by the Turlington Law Firm with the intent of protecting the interests and legacy of our clients. Should divorce become inevitable or necessary, stress can be alleviated with a prenuptial agreement.